Historic premium wine companies are joining forces through ISWA, the Italian Signature Wines Academy, a strategic alliance between eight of the top brands in Italian wine, companies that are successful as a result of the premium quality of their products and their well-established positions on international markets as well as on the domestic market.

ALLEGRINI (Veneto), ARNALDO CAPRAI (Umbria), FEUDI SAN GREGORIO (Campania), FONTANAFREDDA (Piedmont), FRESCOBALDI (Tuscany), MASCIARELLI (Abruzzo), PLANETA (Sicily) and VILLA SANDI (Veneto) have decided to create a synergetic alliance overseas and, in particular, in those markets where ‘Made in Italy’ products are not yet well established, have found the Italian Signature Wines Academy (ISWA), in a concerted effort to take on the challenges of the future together rather than separately.

The companies already total a turnover of more than € 300 million, produce over 50 million bottles annually and export more than 80% of their production. The eight member companies behind this initiative share common values: they are top brand family businesses with a long tradition of wine making and a history of at least 50 years in the wine business; their brands are well-established globally, they focus on high quality and they apply innovation in production processes in order to protect not only the characteristics of the wines, but also the natural environment.

They are united by very strong similarities and affinities: a far-sighted entrepreneurial vision, an ability to innovate and a willingness to invest internationally in their brand image. Each of the eight companies holds a particular weight and plays a leading role in its region, thereby becoming to all intents and purposes ‘representative’ of these regions, which are the most important regions in Italy with the most prestigious wine appellations. These shared attitudes and values are a quintessential part of each of these signature companies and are now channelled to achieve more ambitious, mutual objectives.

The eight member companies also share the same concept and understanding of hospitality as an experiential appreciation that goes from the vineyard to the product and includes the promotion and enhancement of the specific historic, artistic, environmental, gastronomic and traditional features of the wine producing areas in which their live and produce.

The value of mission set out by the Italian Signature Wines Academy also lies in the study and development of important initiatives aimed at improving the image of quality wine via the enhancement of environmental, archaeological, architectural, historic, artistic and anthropological assets and the specific features of the territory and viticultural landscape. What emerges is the symbiotic bond that traditionally connects premium wines to their areas of production.

The alliance also aims to have a role as an actual Wine Academy, promoting the culture of Italian wine internationally by means of management and technical training courses as well as refresher and specialization courses on all issues concerning the wine sector, in partnership with leading Italian universities.

To this effect, the Italian Signature Wines Academy signed a memorandum of understanding with the IULM University of Milan to forge close links between the world of academic education and the business world, and enjoy close cooperation on research, training and internships in order to turn knowledge into practical, apllicable know-how.

Last but not least, the Italian Signature Wines Academy also provides a superb platform for great Italian success stories, expounding the achievements of important families, that is, the men and women who still firmly believe in Italy: stories of passion, pride, daily toil, commitment and hope.

In short, the Italian Signature Wines Academy is not only a strategic vehicle for premium Italian wine, but also a driving force for promotion, training and culture and for the enhancement of the enormous value of Italian signature products connected with vineyards and wine companies.